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İstanbul as a Destination
The eye gazes sleepily across the seductive blue sweep of these Bosphorus: One country - two continents.

As diverse as night and day, the only thing they have in common is the miraculous mirage that is Istanbul - a skyline of sensually shaped mosques and minarets scattered across seven hills.

İstanbul is rapidly becoming one of the most popular international congress and exhibition destinations as a result of the increasing demand for suitable facilities. İstanbul is a city competing professionally to fulfill the demands.

İstanbul is the real Turkish delight, a mixture of old and new where east meets west. The city is an exciting combination of the splendors of the Ottoman past and the modern amenities of a wide variety of international deluxe 5-star hotels.

Guaranteed to make your meeting, conference or incentive a memorable success, İstanbul is the gateway to the rest of Turkey - definitely a paradise preserved.

A City of Harmony in a Country of Variety
The cultural diversity of İstanbul defies exaggeration. A Roman city converted to Christianity, it was also the seat of the Islamic the caliphate that preserved the patriarchate of Christian Orthodoxy. It has been a refuge for Jews fleeing Spain in the XV. Century and for those seeking asylum in 1930s. Belonging to 3 different religions and speaking 10 different languages, 26 ethnics groups live in İstanbul in harmony.

İstanbul is one of those metropoles of the world that never sleeps. Thousands of restaurants, bars, discos and nightclubs offer a variety of entertainment for all tastes.

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