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The Third International Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit will take place on November 8-9, 2012, in Istanbul , Turkey with the motto of “THE RISING POWER OF WOMEN IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER”.
We aim to underline the crucial contribution of women entrepreneurship and leadership to economic development and growth; thereby providing ground for national and international policy making, as well as leading the actors to cooperate and take action on these very vital issues.  

As a novelty of this year, on the first day of the Summit we will brainstorm with several high level speakers on diverse topics in parallel and plenary sessions. On the second day, we will host entrepreneur and businesspeople delegates from all over the world in B2B meetings for business development.

Our objective is to provide a rare and exciting opportunity to bring together over 500 leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world to network and share valuable information. We aim to stretch beyond the limits of women leadership and establish a platform of global engagement among leaders and entrepreneurs from diverse regions and backgrounds.

We accomplished the Second Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit in May 2010, with the participation of more than 450 politicians, decision and policy makers, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, leaders, civil society representatives, academics and media representatives from all around the world.

With the 3. International Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit this year, we are ready to reach more people to discuss, question, learn and provide solutions together.

We invite you to join us on November 8-9 2012!

Dr. Gülden Türktan
KAGİDER, President

In order to support the further growth of female entrepreneurship, we continue to work with KAGIDER very closely and with great belief. As part of our ongoing mission, we are supporting the 3rd International Female Entrepreneur and Leadership Summit entitled "The Rising Power of Women in the New World Order".

This global summit which will be held on November 8-9 in Istanbul will feature leading speakers from Turkey and internationally, who will focus on the importance of female participation in the economy for attaining overall economic development and growth, and the means by which this can be achieved.

We know that the extent to which female entrepreneurship and leadership can be triggered, supported and integrated into productive economic input directly correlates with overall economic progress. We believe that sustainable economic development we seek to attain in an ever-changing world order can only be achieved through the strengthening and growth of the role of women. At this summit, we hope to connect, interchange ideas and develop strategies with those who share our beliefs and want to see these goals come to fruition.

We invite you to the summit which will create wealth out of differing opinions, enable you to question existing paradigms, increase awareness to the highest level, and foster change.


Ergun Özen
General Manager
Garanti Bank

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