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1. What is the WEL Summit? What is the difference with other international conferences?
Third International Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit which will be held on 8 – 9 November 2012 in Istanbul will be again one of the most comprehensive summits held in Turkey. Upon a long preparation period, the Summit is finally ready to offer new visions and opinions on entrepreneurship and leadership, to everyone who participates.

KAGIDER accomplished the First International Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit in June 2009, with the motto of “Explore, Engage, Enhance”. More than 350 politicians, decision and policy makers, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, leaders, civil society representatives, academics and media representatives joined us from all around the world.

The motto of 2010 Summit was; “More Empowered Women, More Prosperity”, which aimed to underline the crucial contribution of women entrepreneurship and leadership to economic development and growth; thereby providing ground for national and international policy making, as well as leading the actors to cooperate and take action on these very vital issues.

Our objective is to provide a rare and exciting opportunity to bring together over 500 leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world to network and share valuable information. We aim to stretch beyond the limits of women leadership and establish a platform of global engagement among leaders and entrepreneurs from diverse regions and bacgrounds.

2. Can anybody participate? Can I and why should I participate?
The summit is a marvelous opportunity for everyone who wants to follow the current developments and discussions in leadership and entrepreneurship as well as those who want to attend to activities at international level. WEL Summit is also an excellent opportunity for international networking as well as policy making on these very crucial issues like women empowerment, development, climate change and diversity.  

3. How can I participate?
The registration form can be reached at the summit website.

The following offices are also alternatives for further information:

For participants from Europe:
KAGIDER Brussels Contact Person
Tel: +32 2 736 4047 E-mail: aslihan.tekil@kagider.org  

For participants from Middle East, North Africa& Asia:
KAGİDER WEL Summit Secretariat
Tel: +90 212 266 82 61 E-mail: ofis@kagider.org   

4. Could I submit a paper/abstract? Can I propose a session?
The content of the WEL Summit for 2012 has been finalized. However, paper or session offers for the next summit (which will be held in 2014) should be shared with KAGİDER executives at ofis@kagider.org

5. How much does it cost to participate? What does the fee include?
The online registration form is available in the WEL Summit website. The registration form also includes information on accomodation as well as the touristic events before and after the summit. The details of the registration fees are as follows:

Summit Registration Fee: $ 350
Kagider Member Registration: $ 200
Representative of NGO Registration: $ 200
Academics Registration: $ 200
Student Registration: $ 100

The enrollment fee can also be paid at registration table at the Congress Center in Istanbul during the summit. A discount will be offered for the academics, KAGIDER members, students and groups.

Summit participation fee includes the entrance for two days of the WEL Summit, the welcome reception and all of the printed materials.

6. Is there financial support available to participate the summit?
There is no financial support for the summit on 2012. Yet; student, academics and group discounts are available. Please see question no.5 for a list of discounts available.  

7. What will happen during the Summit week? What is the program?
Detailed program can be reached at the Summit website.

8. Who should I contact?
For further information regarding the summit please contact: KAGİDER KGL secretariat: ofis@kagider.org, +90 212 266 82 61

9. Will NGO’s that are critical to the summit be invited to attend?
Critical NGO’s are invited to the summit to make sure different views and opinions are represented. If you have any suggestions for possible NGO participation pleas contact the WEL Summit organization team at ofis@kagider.org 

10. What are B2B Meetings ?
The B2B Meetings are organized by KAGİDER to serve the purpose of gathering the women entrepreneurs together one to one or in small groups.

11. If I could not join the summit, how could I get information regarding the panels?
The summary of the speeches will be shared at the website. A booklet is also planned to be published after the summit.

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